SHULLSBURG–Teasdale-Gill Auction Service LLC has launched a new, feature-rich website dedicated solely to keeping the public informed about their upcoming auctions.  The URL is

The new website is very mobile-friendly, so viewing the website with a mobile device is frustration-free and easy to navigate. Presently, over 40% of web browsing is done on mobile devices. Offering a new mobile-friendly environment benefits a significant portion of the visitors to the website.

Additionally, visitors to the new website can now search for items based on keywords, town, state, date range, auction type, and more. If you’re searching for something specific, you’re bound to find it easily, if it’s listed on one of the websites auctions.

Visitors can post their feedback and comments about upcoming and past auctions, on each auction description page. This feature offers a high level of visitor engagement with the company and fellow website visitors.

The website also features a built-in subscription newsletter service that is delivered to subscribers via email. The cost to subscribe is free and subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time. The newsletter provides subscribers with updated information on upcoming auctions–allowing the subscriber to keep informed and make plans for attending auctions which have items that catch their interest. To sign-up, simply go to the website website and click on the Newsletter Sign-Up link.

The attention given to website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means that search engines will be much more likely to list it near the top in their search results–making it easy for folks that are looking for auction information to find the website. This is particularly true for folks using search engines on their mobile device. Google, for instance, favors mobile friendly websites when the Google search is done on a mobile device.

The new website is powered by the WordPress content management system–a system very highly regarded by web developers which keeps pace with a changing world–both in the ever-changing user habits, device usage and evolving complex security measures needed to keep hackers at bay.

The website was designed and built by Logoless LLC, a Wisconsin company specializing in WordPress website implementations with over 15 years experience serving the Auction industry’s website needs.




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